Update Collection From Mobile Device?


I’m quite new to WIX so it’s likely the functionality already exists, but I have been unable to find it or find an example anywhere.

I have a couple relatively small data collections and I am wanting a simple way for others to be able to update those collections from a mobile device. I know how to set someone up as a Content Editor where they can easily get to the collections/update from a desktop computer, but the table is too large/clunky for updating from a mobile device.

Can a mobile friendly form be designed/linked to my collection that will allow me (or a content editor) the ability to update that collection? I can design objects that read from the collection and are mobile screen friendly…just don’t know how to update.

I was hoping the Wix Owner app would have this functionality baked in (if you “open” a single row on a collection it gives you a form that would be nicely formatted for mobile) but it seems to be focused on other things.