Update Database From Table

hi. i have a trouble with updating databse. so, i have a database and there some columns. One column called Status (status of user submits) . Default Status value for everybody is PENDING. and i have an admin page. on this admin page i have a Table (table1) witch connected to this database. i just need ad two buttons witch will change PENDING value to APPROVED or DENIED ONLY FROM SELECTDED ROW…

please help me

Set the table as row selection.
then when a user clicks a row you expand a status change area and save the rowdata values. (assuming this is a admin page of sort saving it as a global value should be fine, if not id suggest velo storage)

Upon clicking approve/deny with btn.onclick you now have the _id of the database entry filling the row from the rowData and you have the selection of the user.
so following that you can call a wixdata.update (now you dont actually have to wixdata.get but I normally guide people to walk before they run, so a little slower code is worth stability.)

wixData.get("myCollection", wixRowData._id)
then((item) => {
   item.status = clickedSelection; // updated last name
  wixData.update("myCollection", item);
  console.log(item); //see item below
.catch((err) => {

Also as a side trick, you can use the rowid to update the rows status field quickly rather than querying the whole table again just to change a single rows value.