Update Member Nickname

I’m currently using the Wix Members app to manage member data on my site. While I’m not utilizing the related widget, I have created custom elements to display and input member data. Specifically, I’ve connected these input elements to the PrivateData and PublicData collections through datasets.
However, I’m encountering an issue where I’m unable to connect the input element to the member nickname. I’m looking for assistance with this problem and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Thanks for the article, it would be great if you could explain how to update the member profile and account slug to be something other than (domain name.profile) and (domain name.account) as the mentioned article it just explains how to change the slug after .profile/{slug}

I know that it can be changed from ‘Advanced Url Setting’ but this way will not achieve what I am asking.

For example, if I changed the URL for community pages to ‘abc’ instead of ‘profile’, it will just change the name and it will not help to make the community pages depend on other created data collection

The reason I am asking that it’s even if I create a custom member area, I can’t let other apps such as Wix Forum or Wix Blog depend on other data collection, So I prefer to keep Wix members app and do make some changes on it

Did you read all the posts about my old LOGIN-SYSTEM-PROJECT ?
If you wanna learn…

Take a look here…all these posts are somehom related to the mentioned LOGIN-SYSTEM and in some of these posts you will maybe find what you are searching for…

  1. https://community.wix.com/velo/forum/coding-with-velo/interval-problem
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At least it could give you the right direction.

I am sorry that I didn’t find what I am looking for here or maybe my coding knowledge not so good, simply all what I needed to is
I have input element and button, I can display the member nickname name on it with no problem, my problem is I want the member to be able to change the nickname on this input element and update it when they click on the button