Uploading files to Azure blob storage

I have designed a custom form on my Wix site where users can upload multiple files. I am currently using Wix’s best premium plan but it only gives max 50 GB storage. My site’s storage is going to exceed that space very quickly.

Hence I will have to use a file storage solution and integrate it with Wix. Client has chosen Azure Blob Storage for that purpose. I need some guidance on how to achieve that. I’d really appreciate some help. Thanks!

Hi do you find the solution to this? I have the same problem. Thank you.

You will have to code everything by your own - → connecting Azure-Storage-API with your wix-page.

Alot of work is waiting for you.

Tell us when you were successful.

Yes, we figured it out but it’s a lot of code.

Thank you for the answer. Just another quick one, did you, in summary, use wix-fetch API to make HTTP request to Azure Blocks Storage put-blocks-from-url?

I’m thinking about another alternative actually. Setting-up an SFTP in Azure VM and send the data from wix (using wix-fetch) to this VM before sending it to Blob Storage. An extra step, but looks like simpler implementation on the Wix side.

In my case, I just need to dump the media files from Wix to another storage (Datalake) without having the need to retrieve it. Once they’re in the Datalake, I will delete them files from Wix.

No. We tried Wix fetch APIs but could not make them work properly.

We also tried saving files on Wix first and then copy them over to azure. But Wix does not offer delete APIs for file uploads and manually deleting files was not a practical solution for us.

We ended up using HTML components and managed the file upload through it. It is not the most elegant solution but it works for us.

Aah HTML components… so you did it from front-end. Agree, that’s not the most elegant. But looks like that’s the only solution Wix can offer. Anyway, glad to know the fetch API doesn’t work so I don’t have to try it… thank you…

I have asked my team member to respond to your query. He will get back to you with how the implementation was done for us.

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When you say you used HTML components, can you please describe in more detail? (I’m trying to do something similar - new to Wix so not fully up to speed on what can / can’t be done, so looking for more info on how you actually solved this)

Hi, As per @ankurtechnologies you can use html element for file upload.
please refer following document for better understanding.

Check out this flow posted by my teammate.