Urgent help needed - dataset not initializing

I’ve been having this problem since last thursday.

When the form loads, most of the time, it returns an error stating:

An error occurred in one of datasetReady callbacks.

This is triggered in the
$w(“#dataset1”).onReady( () => {

$w("#dataset1").setFieldValues( { 
  "title":  userId, 
  "email":  userEmail, 
} ); 

setFieldValues call, which is necessary for linking. Once this occurs, I can no longer save the form. The problem is intermittent (but very common) and occurs in live and preview mode.

www.ryanterminal.com/memberreservation is the live site.

This used to work fine before thursday, and I’m at a complete loss as to the nature of the problem. please help.

$w.onReady(function () {

//TODO: write your page related code here... 

$w(“#dataset1”).onError( (operation, error) => {
let errorOp = operation; // “save”

let errorCode = error.code; // “DS_VALIDATION_ERROR”

let errorMessage = error.toString();
// DatasetError: Some of the elements validation failed
console ("dataset 1 error: "+errorMessage);
} );

// …

var userId;
var userEmail;

let user = wixUsers.currentUser;

userId = user.id;

.then( (email) => {
userEmail = email;

$w(“#dataset1”).onReady( () => {

//console.log ("UserID: "+userId); 
//console.log ("Email: "+userEmail); 

$w("#dataset1").setFieldValues( { 
  "title":  userId, 
  "email":  userEmail, 
} ); 


$w(“#dataset1”).onAfterSave( () => {
console.log(“Form saved”);

if(wixUsers.currentUser.loggedIn) {


} ); 

} );

} );


Also note that commenting out the onAfterSave stuff does not fix the problem.

Sorry the specific error is, There is no current item

I (got around) this by moving the SetFields to an OnBeforeSave handler.
I still have no idea why this code started failing last thursday out of the blue, when it was working just fine before then.