URGENT: Wix standard login/signup pages showing where they shouldn't be

I have a custom signup and login on my site made using Velo. So for the Wix login and signup forms, I changed them to be like no permission messages. However, when I go to my homepage after a few seconds it gives me the no permissions (which would be the standard Wix signup lightbox (modified by me), I think). Then, on the lightbox I have a button to take you back home. When I press that button, it takes me back to the homepage and then no longer shows me the signup lightbox thing - it works as it should.

My second issue related to this was that on my own page that i use to log people in, the one made using Velo, when the “login” button is pressed, it redirects me to Wix’s standard login lightbox. Once I X out of it, then press login again, everything works as it should.
Here is the code I use for the login page:

import { getToken } from 'backend/MemberBackend';
import { authentication } from 'wix-members';
import wixLocation from 'wix-location';

$w.onReady(function () {
    $w('#login').onClick(async () => {
        let username = $w('#username').value.trim();
        let password = $w('#password').value.trim();
        let loginResult = await getToken(username, password);
        if (loginResult.approved) {
        } else {
            $w('#errText').text = loginResult.err;

And the function from the backend:

export async function getToken(username,password) {
    let email = await getEmail(username);
    let sessionToken;
    try {
        sessionToken = await authentication.login(email,password);
        return {
            sessionToken: sessionToken,
            approved: true
    } catch (err) {
        return {
            approved: false,
            err: err

Why are these issues happening? (Note: the permissions for both pages are for everyone). Please get back to me ASAP. Thanks so so much in advance.

Bump I still need help with this…

I think the issue is that in the


The wixLocation.to needs to be in the .then of the authentication, because it takes time to log you in. Not 100% sure, since i changed from async/await to promises befre I found this out, but I’m 99% sure that was it.

As for the homepage, i think that was a glitch, I copy pasted to another page then deleted the original homepage and it works now.