URL links to Database PDF's

I have many existing email footer links set to a URL that is going to be very problematic to change. “http://www.bwrs.co.nz/content/docs/signatures/marc.karapanovic.pdf” is one example of many where a persons name swaps out as based on a pdf document.

Is there any way to go directly to each pdf document in my Wix data set, rather than through the Wix page (which only has a generic URL) ie. http://www.bwrs.co.nz/content/docs/signatures/Marc.Karapanovic.pdf will open within
a browser to a pdf file to what is currently https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/6dc53a_6c4dc5a568cb450f838c50f16bc6af5b.pdf

PS. I do also realise that the existing email footer link uses “http://” rather than “https://”

Hooks required? or simpler than that?