Use a different dataset on dynamic page

This is difficult for me to describe, but I’m going to try. I am creating my own custom version of a registration process.
Step One: Repeater with the dates of webinars in an ongoing series. (Connected to Webinar Dataset).
Step Two: Customer selects the date they would like to register for. (Sends to dynamic page, linked to Webinar Dataset)
Step Three: This dynamic page is the registration form (Form connected to Registrations Dataset). They fill it out and hit submit.
What I would like to happen is to connect the form to a different Collection depending on the date. (IE: They select May 26, it links to a registration form that is collected in Registration May 26 Dataset and changes for each date.)
I don’t even know if this is possible or if this makes any sense. Anyone have any suggestions?
Site: BehindtheBadge

You definitely don’t want different collections for different dates. Just filter a single collection by date.