Use a Payment Request to let clients pay for Premium plans

Fantastic! Wix is the future for Freelances! Already tried this with my first client :star_struck:

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I’m loving all the love being shared :purple_heart: Huge props to the team behind the capability :raised_hands:

This is an awesome idea. Do you imagine that at the moment, you’d send the request and then need to send a second email to keep an eye out for the request?

Good question. I know you still get rev share. From the Help Center article - " Yes. The allocation of revenue share is unaffected by the site upgrade via a payment request. The partner who sends the request earns the requisite partner benefits."

I’m not certain if this changes for the points itself, but I’ll check with the team and loop back round with the answer.

I don’t have one to hand, but can see if I can request one (that is, if someone here doesn’t get there before me :crazy_face:)

Awww man, i been waiting for this feature for a long time!

This is amazing! Thank you Wix team. :fire:


Morning Noah! Yes, in my experience, clients often scrutinize payment gateway requests sent via email, especially when they lack personalized elements such as a thoughtfully crafted subject header and content containing information known only to the individual handling the transaction. I’ve observed that automated emails or responses tend to have a significantly lower open rate and cause distrust with the client unless they have previous rapport with WIX.

Majority of the time even with WIX invoices, my clients opt for a direct bank transfer rather than paying through the invoice portal, especially if they are apart of an older demographic.

By refining the user experience to align with a more human-centric approach it has the potential to significantly elevate overall trust and reliability of the payment portal. This becomes particularly pivotal when delving into discussions about payments and individuals’ investments in a platform, as these moments carry substantial importance for smaller clients.

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I recently had the opportunity to use the feature. However, I found that additional guidance was necessary for our clients during the process. It would be beneficial to include clear steps for clients at each stage: from receiving the initial request, through email communication, to the final steps of signing up and understanding their role as “Billing Manager.”

For context, here’s an overview of the communication I had to provide, as the client was unclear about what was expected of them:

Initial Email to Client: "Hi [Client’s Name], We’ve activated the premium account for your [Site Name]. A payment request has been sent to you for the 12-month website hosting. Please check your email for this. Once the payment is processed, we’ll provide the necessary name records for you to update. Thank you.

  1. Please set up a login account; you will be designated as the Billing Manager.
  2. After the site goes live, I’ll update your roles, enabling you to edit the site."

Follow-Up Email: Despite these instructions, the client attempted to log in instead of signing up, leading to confusion. They even sent a screenshot indicating this misunderstanding. Perhaps incorporating visual aids, like screenshots, could assist those who are more visually oriented or may overlook written instructions. For example, a note saying, “Please go to the ‘Sign Up’ section located just under the ‘Log In’ area, as this is your first time creating a WIX account.”

In summary, a more streamlined and visually supported onboarding process might save both parties time and avoid confusion. This experience took an unnecessary 20 minutes to resolve, which could have been avoided with clearer, more detailed guidance.


Thank you for this upgarde! Awesome.

Awesome news! :globe_with_meridians: The new Wix Studio feature is a game-changer—no more client hand-holding through Premium plan purchases. :rocket:

I agree with Tamlyn_van_Zyst, a visually supported onboarding process could a great way to reduce confusion and streamline the transition. I think this would be a great opportunity for WIX to build rapport with the client as a provider. Thus reducing the barriers that effect freelances & studios in getting client to choose WIX.

It should be noted that the it should specify to sign up using your account “that will be managing the website e.g”. as clients love to accidently use there personal address and then contact later that they can’t access it using their business email.

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Dear Team,

Please note that we are currently using “BUSINESS VIP PLAN”

Plan and its Validity Details FYI:

“Business VIP plan at ₹400.00/month, Billed every two years (Expires December 29, 2023)”

As we are facing challenges while upgrading to a new " BUSINESS ELITE PLAN". This option is not enabled to choose and pay.

when we try to click on the select button, it is showing **"**To upgrade your Premium plan, select a plan that offers more features than your current one"

We have attached the screenshots of the same.

Kindly check and do the needful at the earliest.

Note: We had a discussion with your customer care person but nothing fruitful has happened.

As per their suggestions we tried in other browsers also but the result is the same.

Screenshots are attached for your reference.

Thanks & Regards,

Raju Govindharajan

Fantastic! This will save me hours. When will it roll out in the UK?

Thanks for the easiest way you brought,it will change many things

Is this still not available in the UK?

This is great! Well done Wix. Could I ask that you make the headline font smaller in the email that the client receives as it’s very big on a laptop and doesn’t fit in the screen.

Also, is it possible to request payment if I already own the subscription? Currently I’m paying it myself and then sending an invoice which takes up time.


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this is super helpful, I hate having to get clients to make their own accounts when all they really want to do is pay.

Can we get an overview of where this feature is live so we don’t have wait in the dark? Like a roadmap?

I’m in Europe, Denmark, and I don’t seem to have that option. Here in February 2024 :person_shrugging: