Use file name as description In Wix Gallery

Hi, is there a way to use Velo to tell the gallery to use file names as an images description to improve SEO. I don’t want to have to describe every image, when their file name will act as a good description.

Hi @laurencestephan69 ,

What do you mean by the files’ names? Do you mean like (file name.jpg) or something like that?

Even though it’s possible, it’s not perfect, and actually needs a long code to do it, instead, what I suggest is having an array in your database, and store your media inside it, for example:

const items = [
        type: 'image',
        src: 'https://......file.jpg',
        title: 'This is an image',
        description: 'Something about this image'
        type: 'video',
        src: 'https://......file.mp4',
        title: 'This is a image',
        description: 'Something about this video'

This way, you can simply assign this array to the gallery’s items property.

$w('#gallery').items = item;

Hi Ahmad,

Thanks for your reply.

Here is the problem I’m trying to solve. We’re a lean business and rely heavily on automation. We run event’s, in which people upload media to our servers (not hosted on Wix), in order to complete tasks and challenges. When that media is uploaded to our servers, it is programatically renamed as something helpful for our SEO.

E.G. Scavenger Hunt Task 1. Serenade a stranger.

I want to be able to take those files, and bulk upload them to Wix and use their file names as the alt text and image name, so they’re picked up by Google for SEO purposes. Please bear in mind, there are thousands of files from each event. So any kind of renaming files, or inputting database information one by one is out of the question.

My main goals are.

  1. As little manual work as possible.
  2. As few steps as possible.
  3. The more use of API’s and automation the better.