user.getPricingPlans() if user is not in a plan

I have a little bit of code where I need to set some prices depending on the user’s pricing plan, but I also need to set a different price if the user isn’t “subscribed”.

What is the best way to do this?

I’m struggling because user.getPricingPlans() returns a promise, but if the user doesn’t have a pricing plan then it doesn’t parse the code within the .then at all.

user.getPricingPlans() // is user is not subscribed, then the below is ignored. GRRR!!
 .then( (pricingPlans) => {

 let firstPlan = pricingPlans[0];
 let planName =;

 let fee = 95;

 switch (planName) {
   case "Plan 1":
    fee = 70;
   case "Plan 2":
    fee = 50;
 } );