User Input Problems

I have created a website that allows users to input data into “text-boxes”, which they then save. But I want the users to still be able to view the content they placed in these boxes even if they’ve left the site and returned.
I’ve tried ‘Write Only’ in the Dataset settings, but the input disappears upon clicking the Save button.
While the ‘Read and Write’ option does not allow the user to input information.
Please Help. Thanks!

If You can simply use Wix Storage and the local option.

Although, if the user is a site member and is logged in, then you can just get their user input from the dataset that they saved it into.

Thank you. So this would enable the user to see their input after logging off?

Read the API Reference.

Is wix-storage data shared between site visitors?
No. When you retrieve data from storage, you only retrieve the data that was stored when the current site visitor was on your site.