User Input

Good day, I would like to create a user input element which has predefined text, similar to the one in the wix save pop up as shown below:

And allowing everything to be read as a single input.

Hi Kamoi ,

when you click on the input element, go to the setting icon, then under show text on load section choose Initial text then type your initial text below.

Hope this helps!


Thank you but the initial text will vary based on info from a dataset.

Oh ok, thought you want a static value. So what you can do is :

1- if you have this in a dynamic page, first get the current item then assign the value you want to the text box. Fore more information on how to get the current item - Check This
2- if its a normal page, you should query the dataset and then assign the result to the text box. So the final code for both ways should look something like this :

$w("#textBox").value = results.title; // title or whatever you wish from the dataset