User Personal Tracker

I have an idea that I want to incorporate in my site where a user can enter their own information and use it as a tracker. The information would only be viewable to them and they would be able to edit it if needed. For example, If it could be set up like an exercise tracker where the user inputs the distance they ran and the time it took to run that distance. I’d want the information to appear at the bottom of their page after they submitted.

Would it work to create a custom form and have the info pull from the database based on user? Anyone have any other suggestions on how to accomplish this?



This can be basically achieved with no code, just using a variation of the contact-form and a database:

  1. Add a page with permissions set to “members only” to your site
  2. From the “forms” section, drag any form to that page and customise its fields to your liking (in that case, distance ran, for instance).
  3. In the form settings, click “Create Submission Table” - that will create a database and a table to hold the data submitted by the user.
  4. From the “Lists & Grids” section, drag any list component to your page, click “Connect to data” and create a dataset using the submission table you’ve just created.
  5. With the new dataset created, click “manage dataset” and apply a filter “Owner” + “is” + “Logged-in user”, which will make it display only the data submitted by the current user.

I hope this will get you going with the implementation.


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I’ll give it a shot. Thank you for the assistance.