Using a filter with repeaters

I’ve created a dataset and repeater that I’d like users to be able to filter.

I’ve used a repeater to populate the information from a dataset but how do I create a filter so users can find more relevant items?

The page shows local locations and I’ve added a field in the content set called ‘tags’ and have assigned certain tags such as ‘coffee’, ‘food’, ‘family’ and ‘historical’ etc.

I’d like a drop-down with these choices and then once selected, only the items with that tag to appear…

Take a look at these examples. One of them should be able to help you get started:

Thanks! Is there a way of doing this without needing to go into developer mode and velo?

@info85413 Not that I’m aware of. But the examples should walk you through all of the steps to build such functionality. And if you get stuck while writing the code, you can post in the Coding with Velo category for assistance.

Perhaps I misunderstood, and your request is simpler than I thought. Here’s an article that provides instructions for filtering a repeater using a dropdown—no coding necessary:

That was really useful, thanks!

I’ve followed that article and managed to achieve what i need somewhat.

However, i can’t seem to find a way to have one of the selections in the drop as ‘all’ and have all the items return as per the beginning.

Can you advise?

I don’t think this is possible without code. Here’s an example to achieve something similar by setting up a checkbox dropdown:

You can also contact Customer Care to see if there’s a way to do this through the Multiple Choices option. I couldn’t figure anything out after testing and reading the docs, but they would know best about non-coding functionality. Good luck!