Using Logged-In Users' Email Addresses to Automatically Filter the Contents Displayed on a Dynamic Repeater Page

Hello everyone,

I recently signed up to Wix and after teaching myself how to use the platform I have managed to design myself a website using the Editor.

My challenge is that I would like to have my website structured and setup in a way that automatically filters the contents displayed on one of my pages (a dynamic repeater) by using the logged-in user’s email address as the filter criteria. I have been told by the Wix support team that currently this feature would only be possible by adding a custom code on my website using Velo by Wix, as it is not possible to filter the content displayed on a page by the logged-in user’s email address where the logged-in user did not create the content.

I do not have any prior coding experience however I am willing to learn this skill set and I would very much appreciate and welcome any advice or help from the Wix community on how I can successfully add this automatic logged-in user specific filter function using a custom code on the Velo by Wix platform.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on possible solutions to the above challenge.

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To learn about programming with Velo, read the following articles that will help you start working with Velo:

I am moving this post to the Getting Started category. There you will also find a lot of resources to help you learn about coding in Velo.

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Hi Yisrael,

Thank you very much for getting back to me and for sharing links to your Velo articles.

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