Using Repeater on Dynamic page

Hi Friends
I’m trying to give my website a kick forward, converting regular pages into dynamic and using repeaters instead of a lot of elements - but I have a problem.
I have a Question and Answer page like for each of my services (acupuncture, medical herbs, shiatsu etc…), but when I put a Repeater in the dynamic ITEM page, it duplicates the same content for every page…

Tell me please,
how can I use Repeater for showing a unique content of Q&A on each dynamic ITEM page?
thank you very much!

Hi Liran,
You need to filter the content of the Q&A repeater by the topic of the current page so that for example the Acupuncture dynamic item page will only show Acupuncture Q&As.

You can do this as follows:

  1. Store the content for the Q&As in a different collection than the general content for the dynamic page.

  2. Add a reference field in the Q&A collection to the collection with general dynamic page content. Choose to connect to a field (usually Title) that allows you to label each Q&A item with a unique value representing each dynamic page topic (acupuncture, shiatsu, etc.).

  3. Assign the corresponding reference field value to each Q&A item.

  4. On your dynamic page, in addition to the dynamic dataset, add another dataset that is connected to the Q&A collection.

  5. Add a filter to the dataset which states that the reference field is the “same as” the current item from the dynamic dataset.

  6. Connect your repeater elements via the Q&A dataset.

You can read more about filtering datasets here .


Tova your are a genius! Thank you!

Not a genius, just familiar with the feature. :slight_smile: Glad to help.