Using UpCity's Embed Code

Hey Wix community, hoping someone can help out here.

I’ve signed up for UpCity’s profile to help build my domain authority. Has anyone used or heard of Wix before?

They have embedded code so that I can set up a SEO Report Card tool where they track email, name, etc. in their own CRM tool and I embed it on my site to draw attention.

The thing is, none of their embedded code works on Wix. I unfortunately cannot share it here either, as VELO doesn’t approve external code in their forum, even using the spaces?

Here’s the code for the UpCity page:

Here’s the code for the lead magnet SEO report card tool:

They do not know why their embed code does not work on Wix websites.

They suggest I ask Wix as it’s not their problem and of course Wix suggest I ask UpCity as it’s not their problem either… smh

They also have badges and other assets that I could be embedded, none of which work as hyperlinks, but do at least show up on my website. The SEO lead tool just remains blank.

If anyone has any suggestions as to why this is happening, I would greatly appreciate hearing ideas on the matter for a solution. I will see if I can get either Wix or UpCity to take a bit of ownership here in helping fix the problem.