Using user input to create a password protected page

I don’t like title of the password protected page because I don’t need it for guests I need it for members. Honestly no title would be best. Since you cannot customize it, I was thinking of using a User Input field and having an if this field equals _____ then submit. Like a true false field. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hello Elizabeth,

If you already implemented member profile pages you can use this system and expand it to enable support for special member permissions, and thus completely eliminating the need for users to input a password.

For example, you could add a boolean column to your member collection that specifies if a member is granted access to a certain page/group of pages
Then a check needs to be performed before the page content is visible to make sure the user is authorized to view the content.

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I am specifically trying to avoid making a member site. They just request access and if approved they get an email stating that they now have the password. If you have any other ideas it would be appreciated.
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Hello Elizabeth,

Technically it is possible to grant access by checking the contents of a text input box. However this is less recommended since there is no option to change a text input element into a password input. (which automatically hides the password while it is being typed)

Feel free to post your request in our feature request forum

I am fine with the above. How would you go about checking the text input. Is there a code example. I have an older crowd so it might be better to have them see the password they are typing.

If there is a way to change the password page text from Guest to member using code I would love that too. Keep me posted. Thanks Ido!

Hi Elizabeth,

It is not possible to customise the built-in password page.

We do not have a specific tutorial for creating this system however you can combine a few tutorials and examples to create a mock password page:

  • Add a collection to contain the access password
  • Create a login page with an input text box and a submit button
  • The button’s onClick function should Query the password collection (ideally done by a backend file - in order to hide the true password from the user)
  • Compare it with the entered password
  • If there is a match, you will need to store the fact that this user at the current session is authorized, therefore the best solution is to store it in Session storage and check it once a user tries to visit a ‘protected’ page.

I am looking at this and I don’t have that much experience with a query backend file like this do you think someone could provide an example of what I am trying to achieve? Honestly, it would be easier just to be able to customize the login page text.

I went another root for this no worries. Thanks for the suggestions

What route did you take Elizabeth - i’ve got a similar issue.

Thanks in advance.

Could you please write an example code for this?
Would be very helpful and much appreciated!