Using Velo to integrate audio players on Wix Store Shop page and Product pages


I’m making a Wix website with the intention of selling sound effects, and I’ve ran into a problem with the platform and audio previews. As Wix is more geared towards selling music, the only preview system they include is giving the customer a un-watermarked 30 second preview of the track. As I will be selling individual sound effects that could be as short as 1 second, and want watermarked tracks as the preview, the aforementioned system won’t work for what I’m doing. Each sound effect will have their own product pages. I did look at the idea of using the Wix audio player with a playlist, and then customers buying it from there, but for many reasons it doesn’t do the job for me.

I currently have watermarked versions of sound effects in mp3 format, and I’m looking to get the preview tracks on the relevant individual product pages, and ideally on each item on the Shop page. Currently, I can add images and videos to individual items. The best way I’ve found so far is to add watermarked audio previews to videos and add the video in the ’ add image or video’ section of the product pages. This adds them to individual products, but is a very inefficient way of doing things. Also, these videos are not playable on the Shop page (which I would like so people don’t have to click to go to the product pages, every time if they want to listen to a preview).

Is there a way using Velo that I can add an audio players (with a single track each time) on the individual product pages? (So it doesn’t just have the same player with the same track on each sound effect product page), and ideally work it so that the previews are also available on the items on the Shop page?

Pond5 and AudioJungle have the kind of systems for previews I am looking to make!


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What is your website? I am doing the same thing (I sell patch collections and MP3 ambient pad volumes). You can see what I have done to fix some shortcomings of the Wix store product page template. I have had support calls and went over various shortcomings so at least it’s been logged and some feature requests have been started- but not sure if they will get to it.
check out my site at and you can see my hacks at getting per product media playing. Personally, I would look at uploading your watermarked MP3 samples and then adding a hover button linked to a lightbox (and create individual lightboxes with your media player of choice - I have been using Youtube but also have some soundcloud and Wix audio boxes created as I tested what would work the best for my products - Youtube winning).

Ideally though, I have been trying (failing miserably) to create a secondary database of media titles and URLs. I tried all sorts of variations like YTTitle1, YTURL1, YTTitle 2, YTURL2, etc - to access the multiple media I would have for each product- then tried to do a dataset filter (which links back to the Wix product catalog)- but the end result was the media player would never work and I was stuck with the wix default video. I know it has to be possible but no one has successfully helped (except constant offers to do it for $$$). So I keep trying to figure out (and enjoy learning how to code at the same time). Until I can get a filtered second dataset to follow what the current loaded product is- I will use my current media icons on my main page.

If you do find a solution - please share! - as this is a huge limiting factor to me. I love Wix but for our specific market- it doesn’t have the necessary tools to let us compete with sound effects/sample sites (like ASoundEffect or Loopmasters, etc). Hopefully with enough of us squaking they will update their digital product sales side with enhanced tools we need (oh, and don’t offer anything more then 1GB- you cant!- that was another one I asked if we could get it increased. competing platforms offer 5GB out of the gate- and even free offerings have bigger per zip file limits).

Hello Jason, I went to see your work on your website. Congratulations ! it’s good work I’m also creating a site for selling beats. Can you share the code or explain how you managed to link the product page with the audio database on the product page.