Using X with Existing Website

I already manage 3 websites and would like to use features of Wix X on sites I’m already working on.

I can start a new website with X and save it as a new site but hoping there’s an easy way to use X on existing sites and not have to rebuild.

Any help would be great!


It is not possible to transfer a site to Editor X. You will need to start a new site.

Hi Jan,

I’m Galiet from the Editor X Product Team.

Unfortunately as @janet said, we don’t offer a migration tool at this time.
When we will have an update we will create a post on the forum, stay tuned!

Ok great, so will be able to migrate existing sites to X editor in the future? Would really be great not to have to re-do a site if possible

Hi Jan,

We can’t share any details just yet, but we are planning on adding tools to assist in migration in the future.
Actually, if you don’t mind elaborating, would be great to hear what exactly would you be interested in migrating - the more specifics the better. Your feedback can help provide you and other users with the best possible product.


Anna, Editor X Product Team

Hi Anna, I would like to migrate my content: images, collections, and most importantly, members, to an Editor X based page.



Thank you for sharing they are all important. We will take this into consideration as we continue to work on the migration tool.

@huntsmarter That is exactly I want as well, I am very excited about Editor X, but I cannot migrate as such, because of the huge data involved.

Being able to migrate a blog is crucial. I have many sites that rely heavily on the wix blog. At the moment there’s not even a way to export a wix blog (non that I know at least) so I really hope that we will be able to migrate our existing blogs to Editor X.

Hi @harrirauhanummi

Thank you for your feedback and sharing your input on the matter. We understand how important it would be to maintain your blog data intact.

We are looking into migration of app data as well as the sites into EditorX.