The value from my custom form is not populating the value, it is coming back in error and reads:
“The value does not match the field type number”

did some research and found that i need to change from String to Number. The problem i’m running into is where do i insert the code?

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

  1. Which code? (Code-part is involved)?
    Where to find the code for saving data into collection?

  2. Which code do you want to insert where? Please be more detailed.

If i would know anything about your project, i would understand absolutely nothing of your issue-description.

  1. How do look like your form?

  2. For those who did not see your project → show the form.

  3. Explain the flow of your wished function.

The better you describe your issue → the better and faster answer you will get.:wink: