Velo based code packages market. (Is that a good idea or not)

I just wonder how it would be if we would be able to create custom code packages and share them with other Wix users or sell them. There is a lot of NPM packages (quite normal xd) but I don’t think so there are code packages for especially Velo.

Right now we are already able to create our custom code packages using NPM packs and Wix APIs but as I know we can not share them with anyone else. I think it would be great to create some Velo based code packages and share them with users or maybe even sell them.

And sometimes something is not needed I didn’t think deeply about it and I’m not the best I mean maybe this feature is not a needed feature or it would be not used so much.

Would it be great to have sharable Velo based code packages?
One more folder here is called “Velo Packages” and a small free and paid market. You can create your own in Wix Blocks and you can publish it to the Velo Code Package market. Just an idea

(I thought about this idea like a 5min so don’t judge me it’s so bad like I said I didn’t think so much about it :D)

I think you gave me a good idea :smiling_imp:


@enes_06_tr thanks for bringing up this topic! :dizzy:

As the product manager working on this feature, I’d love to get the feedback of the community.

  • Do you see a value in sharing Velo packages with others?

  • What could be the incentive as a developer to share them with the community?

  • Do you see a difference between Velo packages and npm packages?


  • Do you see a value in sharing Velo packages with others?

Of course there could be a big value/need in sharing/selling Code-Packages.

  1. Not all of users have the same coding skills
  2. None of the users can have a full JS-Knowledge, there are always code-areas, you won’t know about, or which will be new to you.
  3. Website-Developer may want to work more efficient → result → making more money. To work more efficient → better and easier to use code-packages would be welcome and desired.
  4. Why we all are using NPMs? → Because they are useful! Because they make our daily coding work more faster, more flexible and at the end more profitable?
  5. I could surely list even some more points…

Do you see a difference between Velo packages and npm packages?

  1. More specified to the needs and requirements for VELO and Wix environment.
  2. Easier to use?
  3. Better compatibility?
  4. If specific designed for Velo and Wix → better performance?
  5. New ideas for PACKAGES, which will cover the specific needs in VELO-CODING?
  • What could be the incentive as a developer to share them with the community?

Perhaps the most important question!

But this question i will not answer, because the answer is already given …

One more folder here is called “Velo Packages” and a small free and paid market. You can create your own in Wix Blocks and you can publish it to the Velo Code Package market. Just an idea.

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Regarding Marketplace to " SELL " Velo packages:

Let me be that guy

I know some Velo developers must be very hyped for having a market like this but from my experience I do not think someone will pay for a code package. I mean Velo is Nodejs and JavaScript, think about it. Stackoverflow and the internet is filled with every possible solution you will need for the programming languages.

If Wix wants to experiment, then instead of building a marketplace for this, try putting a paywall in some Velo video tutorials or even normal Velo examples, see how much conversion you will get i.e. how many of them actually pick up their wallet to pay to see that example/video.

As far as non-coding DIY Wix users go, even if they pay for the package, how are they supposed to know how to use it. Not sure this marketplace will have a high conversion rate but that’s just me.

Regarding Marketplace (Non-monetary):

Yes it would be a good idea. Perhaps have another incentive instead of money, like rating system to rate package creators, have analytics of number of package downloads. Gamify it, maybe let people award badges and stuff to creators. This will give developers the purpose to create packages and at the same time we can pay it forward (I mean everything I learned about coding is from the internet so helping out people like me who want to learn would give me the utmost satisfaction)

My conclusion: create a marketplace but let it be open source, don’t put monetary incentive but at the same time introduce a gamification system

I mean Velo is Nodejs and JavaScript, think about it. Stackoverflow and the internet is filled with every possible solution you will need for the programming languages.

At one side i agree with your thoughts, open-source is cool, and even can grow faster, but on the other side, back to this question …

What could be the incentive as a developer to share them with the community?

What would be the → DEVELOPERS ← advantage, after he has done his work (for example after days, weeks, month, or even years), to share his work for free on market?

Don’t we have the same situation here at the FORUM?

We do help for free, although there is a MARKETPLACE to hire developers, to generate codes and design Websites for customers.

I would suggest to create 2-types of PACKAGESFREE & PAYED

Free to share-packages, in most cases would be some little packages, in most cases not of best quality, in most cases not of best security → the same like to be found on NPM (of course not all, but in many cases).

Broken and not working NPMs → surely you all know such situations.

Good developed, designed and guided quality-packages, which would be affordable on the Package-Market.

  • Secure (prooved)-Packages
    -Stable working
    -More complex and of course more powerful packages.

The user who UPLOADS his package, perhaps should decide by his own, if it should become a free , or a payed one.

Idea about → BADGES and Achievement-Point-System (perhaps not bad)

Developer-Level-System → increases developers views / enhances the reputation
Cashback-Point-System – > ???
Badges & Achievements → increases developers views / enhances the reputation
Feedback & Rankings —> increases developers views / enhances the reputation

Giving the developer some reasons → to make QUALITY WORK !

My conclusion: Give the PACKAGE-MARKET both abilities ( free & payed )
Generate a → Reward system! The developer also must have his benefits from his maden work (no matter if it is a payed or a free generated project).

I would prefer having a shareable URL to install the package. It can get installed without adding admins to the site. Much faster and happier.

first I do agree we need to be able to easily share package like any other Wix asset (website) so that team members can contribute and install company packages.

I can see the need for a Velo package market. I develop packages pretty much for all my projects. But this is only for my usage only, so this isn’t as valuable as it could be. I bet many of us have created the same packages. If we could share premium and free package that would be great!

Velo packages are different from npm package because I can tailor them for my business needs (cough fixing Wix issue cough) and process. I see npm package at low level tool and Velo package as high level tools. They are opinionated and build to work hand to hand with Wix platform

@shantanukumar847 sharing and transforming those internal package into public ones requires extra work (documentation, example) as well as support (maintenance, help). So even if I’m willing to share my hard work (package logic) for free, it would still cost me time and resource to share it with the community.
It can be done for small package with a few function but not for larger package with high quality content.

For instance you developed a SEO metatags generator that I need for one of my project. I could develop the same functionality in 10 hours but I would rather pay you to save on development time.

Wordpress has tones of premium products. Even if you can develop them, does not me you have the time or the resource to do so. Buying modules from a source you can trust (Velo packages vetted by Wix) would improve the community and the quality of our work

@russian-dima And about selling it can be like “paid frameworks” but it’s a pack. People can create their packs make it paid. What will gonna happen at least I guess:

  1. More YouTube videos about Velo and more Tutorials to promote their own package. (So free Velo and Wix ads)

  2. Some functions just for Wix like @russian-dima said. (Exmaple: creating a function for dynamic dropdown using database, if you don’t know how to use .map .forEach methods it would be hard to create dynamic dropdown options so others can do it and share/sell it especially when JS knowledge requires)

In the end everyone can create anything if they know to use Google and Stack Overflow :))) but this means spending time and more and more time. Just share the code package and save the time so someone will make money or not (owner will decide this) and the users will save time.

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I agree selling packages is maybe not the best idea but here is your answer:

“How they will know how to use it” it’s mean free marketing for Wix because I guess for people who sell they will want to promote it what they will do:

  1. YouTube videos about their package and usage.

  2. Website for documentation.

When someone create a YouTube video about it Wix will get free marketing.

And like you said probably not so much sales will happen. And like you said again you can find anything on the internet but it means time and people spend money to save time. Also having a feature for selling would be not bad :slight_smile:


I agree!

  1. Should there be a marketplace for velo packages.
    Id say no. surprisingly. Its interesting to earn money from the method and is great in theory but I predict the reality does not follow the hope we have. yes i can sell a package the same way i already have paid other developers for code they have already written, but if you make a marketplace it will be cluttered and full of spam/fake/stolen entries etc. Simply put based on how WIX works and its values i do not think WIX velo will commit to control a marketplace enough for it to not be a invitation for terrible situations that will hurt velo as a whole, but also WIX (which in turn hurts all of us).
    That being said. I think WIX should invest in certain velo developers to prebuild packages requested much in the same scenario of example pages for velo. A “free marketplace” of controlled content. Cause there is plenty of velo packages that would be amazing for even a noob to have access for.

    1. should we have sharable packages.
      yes … just yes, Give me some kind of method to send a package to a email so they get a copy of the package version and can update them as I develop further on them. I would argue against URL etc by default as again, I might want to be able to control who have access to my packages so maybe both is possible. Make a Shareable option where i can say “these Wix users have access” or generate a sharable URL where everyone can connect to the package with this URL. (much like how google drive work with sharing)

What I meant by Marketplace is also a UI to explore packages. Like NPM package UI similar UI can be created for a small Marketplace (I just say Marketplace you can find better name xd) and users can share their packages for free or paid like I said.

Here are some features that I would want to see in a marketplace like that:

  1. Star based reviews.

  2. Download amount of the package.

  3. Documentation needed for all package (user can see documentation before download and install it so if there is no documentation we can skip this package)

  4. Share URL for all package (so we can directly send packages to anyone) maybe not URL or something similar.

  5. All versions (ofc xd)

  6. Is source code visible? (Creator of packages should be able to set if other users can see source code or not and before we download it we will be able to see “this is opensource” or not)

Just some ideas…

About selling packages I don’t think so someone will gonna make more than 500€/m so I agree with what you or anyone said but giving the option so sell it is not bad I guess.

Any end-result of this disscussion were ever published?
Sorry wasn’t online here for some bigger period of time :grin: