Velo Certification question

Hi everyone

I am thinking about completing the Velo Certification and I wonder if anybody can answer my questions.

  1. What type of questions are on the multiple-choice test? Is it “how would this be achieved?” or “what would be the output of this code?”

  2. I have completed the wix course on code academy. Would this be sufficient to pass the test?

You will be presented with code snippets and presented with a choice of answers that state what the code does, how it is broken, what the expected outcome of running the code will be.

Part of the certification is to develop a project that meets a series of specifications so if you are comfortable with the knowledge you have picked up on the course and have practised in Velo then you should be fine.

I would recommend doing a few project before taking on the certification. You’ll have more chance of passing if you know a bit of all API available on Wix, So try. to build some side project using as many Wix API as possible

Thanks a lot!