Velo code for pricing plan

[Hi all…I’m new to this forum and apologise in advance if any question I pose is already answered elsewhere, I’m just feeling my way around!. I need some velo code that gives a new member a pricing plan when they are approved as a member, so part of an automation. Can anyone help me get started please?]

[Wix Editor]

What are you trying to achieve:
[Trying to automate the allocation of a free pricing plan to a newly approved member.]

What have you already tried:
[Lots of Google research but nothing that I have found as yet.]

Additional information:
[Include any other pertinent details or information that might be helpful for people to know when trying to answer your question.]

We don’t write custom code for users but if you’d like to hire someone to do this then you can at:

More generally this would be possible to implement with roughly the following functions/features:

This might also be possible without code but I am not familiar with Wix Automations myself: Wix Automations: An Overview | Help Center |

If you still need a hand, reach out to Price match guarantee available.