Vertical Menu - Sub Menu position

Does anyone know a way to nestle the sub-menu on a vertical menu underneath it’s parent (in this example: “Portfolio”) page so that it doesn’t end up looking like this:

And if that’s not possible - is there anyway to at least move it closer to the main menu?

Any help would be SOOOO appreciated!

You can place the fields under portfolio and make sure they are set to Collapsed on load. Then you can use an event such as onClick or onMouseIn to expand the field.

Something like this…

export function Portfolio_click(event) {


export function Portfolio_mouseout(event) {


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Thank you, ericswarfield ! I’m not very advanced with code - so I’m not sure how to do that. Is there a link to a resource you would recommend?

Hi @kristine , here is a link to a help article that uses the same concept. This article shows you how to use the collapse and expand functionality. Hope this helps!

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Thank you!

@kristine No problem. Good luck!