$w.at Event Handler runs recursive in console. What?

Hi there,
I have a pretty simple example of export function (event handler mouseIn) which works somehow odd for me.

I have a repeater filled with 150 elements. When I had 10 elements all was fine. But the more elements there are, the slower the function works. Although the problem is different.

In the editor the #repeater looks like this: there are a container2 with all elements inside it and the box1 which is collapsed by default. box1 contain 3 dropdowns . These elements are not connected to any dataset. I mean container2 box1 and any of dropdowns.

And here are the functions I have on my site:

export function container2_mouseIn(event) {
 let $item = $w.at(event.context);
export function container2_mouseOut(event) {
 let $item = $w.at(event.context);
export function box1_mouseIn(event) {
 let $item = $w.at(event.context);

So, as you can see from the functions above I want to achieve with this code is to show dropdowns of the related element #OnMouseIn and to hide it #OnMouseOut of container2.
And this works just fine and fast if you have 3-10 items in the repeater. But if you have 20 f.e. you can see that delays of dropdowns appearance. When I have 150 items is just working very slow and as I have not only these event handlers I even have an error in Chrome console.

The errors are following:

What was done next:
I’ve opened a performance tab in the Chrome and recorded exactly the hover action to look what’s going on with it.
And here is the result:

So mouse out event took 813.6ms. Almost a second. Isn’t it weird?
These whole green columns which is beyond the / Task =>Event Mouse out=>Function Call / consists of three repeating
Again and again. I don’t know what kind of a #recursion is it and why it happens…

This happens even when I have 10 elements on the site. Just if I have 150 it can be seen much better. And I’m starting to have an errors Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.
I know a little about the stacks but I really don’t have an idea from this WIX code what’s wrong and why it so?

Does anyone know what’s wrong with my code? And why this kind of recursion happens?

I was also recording an events related to non-repeater elements. I mean just a separate button on my page. And there is no recursion in this case. Just fast and short function call in the console.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate any help on this.

I’m running into a similar issue with repeaters. I think I’ve reviewed every piece of Wix documentation available for repeaters up to this point, and haven’t found anything to address the issue. If anyone has any thoughts on how to approach this, would love to hear them!

Similar issue? How? Please add your own issue into a new post instead of bumping up an old post. Explain what you are trying to do, what works, and what doesn’t. Also, add any code in a code block as stated in the Forum Guidelines .

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