$w('#html1').postMessage("<html>Hi!</html>"); shows nothing

It seems a very simple code I paste in button click

but it shows nothing?? What do I miss? Help pls!


postMessage(…) does not set the content of HTML component. It marelly posts the message to the component, that can be then received and acted upon.

You can do that with a bit of code inside of HTML. The code would receive the message and make it appear in the component. You can put this snippet into HTML component:

window.onmessage = (event) => {
  document.getElementById("container").innerHTML = event.data;
<div id="container">

What it does, is listens to the message being posted and sets the content to the div container.

I hope this helps. Let me know!

You can also checkout the documentation here

And a community tutorial of a more complex case:

Seems still miss something. I change my on click code and html code as following:

export function button2_click(event, $w) {
let bodycode = $w(‘#textBox1’).value;

** The following HTML code I paste in #textBox1 , also tried paste in #text **


When button click, console log shows the html code but #html1 stay still.

In Preview or Publish Mode?

Preview or live mode (after Publish) make no different. um…

Hey stone,

You can’t paste HTML code in a text box - it goes in an HtmlComponent.

I would recommend reading the article Working with the HTML Component in Wix Code . There is also a very nice and simple example in the description of the onMessage() function - just scroll down a bit to find it. Try this example yourself and then you can modify it for your own use.

Good luck and have fun,