Want a better alternative to learning code or waiting for someone to help you code?

I was so tired of asking for help with code and do not have time to learn it. So I tried ChatGPT. I just coded my entire site with ChatGPT. Just tell it what you want, and it writes the code. Better than asking and waiting for someone to help. Good luck.

Make sure you tell it to write Wix Code and then what you want the code to do. It’s freaking amazing. What took me days and weeks before took me hours.

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Then why you don’t share your website with us? Let us see what website did you build with that magic chatgpt :slight_smile:

Of course I get an ignorant reply from someone that blocks his member name. Try it or don’t I don’t give a crap. I was just sharing info. You don’t like it, just move on.


This is awesome ! - Can you help me get started with this? I am trying to develop code for a webhook, but I’m having trouble

You said that you have built “something” using chatgpt. So I asked you to share it with us. Now you’re telling me that you was sharing an info… Sounds unworthy man. You wanted to promote something and now you’re trying to pull back… saying “you don’t give a crap…” :sunglasses: How old are you? You’re funny, I’ll even hit that like button under your reply :grin:

Keep being ignorant as hell! There are many reasons why I am not sharing my site, and I do not owe you an explanation. Maybe try using chatGPT, and you will see it writes code flawlessly. So why are you commenting as an unknown member? Use my advice or not. I don’t care. The ones that do will benefit from not having to ask anyone to help them anymore. You must be a coder that is just pissed that we have this alternative to paying you for simple code. As far as how old I am, I am old enough to use correct grammar, unlike yourself! You may want to try chatGPT to write for you, as your writing skills are that of a 5th grader.