WD_UNKNOWN_ERROR when querying External Database Collection

I am attempting to query my External Database Collection called lift-workouts and while in preview mode, I am able to successfully retrieve the data that I need. However, on the full site, I am not retrieving information from the database and getting a WD_UNKNOWN_ERROR. I created a separate webpage to isolate the issue and continued to get the same error. Any feedback is much appreciated! My full code is below.

Site code:

import { externalQuery } from 'backend/aModule';

$w.onReady(function () {
    externalQuery().then(product => {
     .catch(error => {


import wixData from "wix-data"
export function externalQuery() {
    let options = {"suppressAuth": true };
    return wixData.query("lift-workout/lift_workouts")
        .then((results) => {
            return results;
        .catch((err) => {
            let errorMsg = err;
            return errorMsg;


Picture of error from full site:

Edit: As well, my current hypothesis is that the problem is dealing with how permissions are set. I am using Google Cloud Run to run the adapter between the Postgres database and wix. Here is the screenshot of the failed request in Cloud Run:

What does mean → EXTERNAL-DATABASE <— ???

The External Database Collection that I am using is a PostgreSQL server using the built-in adapter from Velo using these instructions. https://support.wix.com/en/article/integrate-your-google-cloud-mysql-or-postgres-database-with-your-velo-site

Here’s a picture of what it looks like in the database tab in the Wix Editor:

I hope this answers your question.

Already tried to place some console-logs, to detect the right code-line, which causes the ERROR?
I am honest → i am not really familiar with SQL.