Web3 integration to website

I see that this issue was already dicussed both 2 and 3 years ago and I still couldn’t get this working. How do I manage to connect a metamask wallet to my wix website exactly? Wix does not let me access the window and it seems impossible to do so.


Velo is not executed in the main javascript environment, so you do not have access to the window object.

You can how ever build a custom component that will have access to window

How do we build a custom component?

Hello Omar. Did you find a solution to this? For Web3 integration .

No I did not. It’s impossible to build a workaround to implement web3 on wix and as you can see, even “velo experts” can give you an actual solution for this. Pretty disappointing.

we need this implemented two month ago ! , it is industry standard now ! what is the fix ??? switch providers ?

Hey everyone, I’ve just figured out how. Here is an example!

Let me know if anyone needs help!

Hey Liam!
Could you please explain how exactly did you integrate web3 to your site? Code snippets would be of great help of course

@shamiaomer Just made a full tutorial here: https://www.wix.com/velo/forum/tips-tutorials-examples/tutorial-how-to-intergrate-web-3-into-your-wix-or-editor-x-website