Wedding gift list reservation

Hi everyone,
I am struggling with the proper coding of a mechanism that allows our visitors to reserve the particular gift, they want to choose from our wedding gift list on our wedding website.
We would like to make the RESERVE button (next to each item on the list) do at least 2 things:

  • collect this information (the name and the gift) in a content collection
  • make the item impossible to be chosen again -by deactivating the reserve button for example
    -(bonus) send an email to the filler as a confirmation/reminder

HERE is a very similar question -closed, unfortunately:

With which the main problem is it’s not detailed enough for me to understand…
I would hope for a few exact ideas for the code, even if they aren’t coherent, only individual codes

Thanks a lot,

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This is not the place to ask for code. But, I will give you some pointers:
a) put a boolean into the gift-collection called “available” and set all to TRUE in Content Manager
b) query collection on ".eq (“available”, true)
c) throw result at repeater and put a button on every row
d) when clicked, collapse repeater and show collapsed form with data (name, etc). Tip: put all fields inside a box and collapse/expand the box, so you do not have to do this for every individual field
e) submit to collection and also update gift item by setting available to false
f) collapse name box, expand repeater and re/query (or, faster, .splice the chosen entry from array), clear repeater array and fill repeater array again with new data.

come on? Is there really no easy answer or template for that most important feature of a wedding Site?

Unfortunately, if your site has code, I don’t have a specific solution. I had to study the structure of landing pages in detail, so I could help in adding the necessary button on a one-page site. Last year I also bought gifts for a wedding, so I understand how this function is sometimes necessary. I was lucky that I found Jet Gift Baskets and solved this issue. You’ve been thinking about doing marketing research. Perhaps most users do not need this button and navigate the site conveniently. Try contacting a UI specialist.