What happens new multilingual Blog?

Few days ago, I didn’t test before to use it, so I jumped in no-water pool! I upgraded a website (www.carrilloasesores.com) with multilingual option,… I translated spanish categories to english…

But my blog database can not be filtered by language, no way. Neither, Categories, its database mixs all translation, there is no attribute, no way to filter.

In fact before this option were available, I used to categorize to select which are those to show. Now I can’t revert and I have to develop so fast I can… Monday comes!

Any advice or some good stuff code.

Thanks everyone.

Hi Juan,
Check out this article to make sure you have everything set up correctly:

If you still need assistance, you can ask for help in the Wix Blog community or contact Wix Customer Care .

Yes, It’s done. Sure

I think someone forgot modify ro-DBs for categories & posts

If I could filter categories by language tag, It would be appreciated.

Now, coding a new db with reference field linked to categorize, just enough, coding less as possible.

Customer care answers: no way, so you vote new feature … Done!

Thank you Marlowe!