What is filesusr.com doing?

During my humble explorations of getting my alternative datePicker back in to shape (thanks
Yisrael) I stumbled upon this beauty:

Es posible que la página web https://(mydotcomsite).filesusr.com/html/c1bb79_e8b231b513389895aad13e6206deed44.htm esté temporalmente inactiva o que se haya trasladado definitivamente a otra dirección.

In French: “it´s possible that the web page … is temporarily inactive or has been permanently moved to another location”.
Who is filesusr.com and why is my stuff there and why can´t it find the content of my html-component?

I think that is part of Wix CDN, but don’t quote me on it, I see it all the time when dealing with Wix sites and source code.

Omid, thanks. After a couple of minutes it worked. It looks like there is a delay between Publishing and syncing. I can live with that.