What timezone is content manager created date in?

When making a database, there are some columns that Wix automatically makes and fills for you. One of these is the created date (and relevantly also the updated date).

What time zone does Wix use when inserting the time and date in these fields? Is it based on where you say you are living in your Wix settings?

I have code that, on user-input, puts data in the database. Will the time stated be the one of the user’s timezone? Or will the time be the time that it is for me?


Hi Alex,

The stored time has nothing to do with the time zone, the time will be the same no matter what time zone you choose to display the date in.

In other words, if you created two new dates, one in a (GMT +2), and the second in a (GMT -7) area at the same time, both dates will be exactly the same.

Thanks for your response Ahmad. So what time does it store? Does it store all times in UTC+0 then?

@alexpharaon02 I’m not exactly sure, but I believe it’s in UTC as all servers run at UTC.

@ahmadnasriya Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

What timezone is represented in created_date when data is added by site user? Is the the timezone from the user’s browser? GMT? The timezone for the site’s business address? Other?

Or maybe the timestamps are stored in GMT and displayed (in the Content Manager) in my local (browser based) time zone?