When creating custom member profile registration, I can't link "Members (Full Name)" link to create profile button

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youtube video on How to create a Custom Member profile registration process in wix video, I have follow every step to create this when i publish the page, I can register my email, add the information for my profile. When i click on “create profile” it brings me to an error page instead of bringing me to the custom profile. I have connected all of the data.

The one issue i notice in the editor is when i click to link the “Create Profile” button to the “Members (Full Name)” page, I select that and click done. When i reopen that again to check the link, it doesn’t stay connected to the page. It says “Choose a page” everytime i reopen the box, instead of staying connected…

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this???

do you have a link to the youtube tutorial you are following? are you using any code?

need more info to be able to help!

How To Create A Custom Member Profile Registration Process in Wix | Wix Corvid Tutorial - YouTube.

I have used a little bit of the coding for identifiers on the individual text boxes, but I do not understand code very well…

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If you look to the right of the button that links to a page, you’ll see a symbol that looks like this

You need to connect the button to a dataset, rather than linking it to a page.

If you followed the tutorial you should have created a dataset in the content manager (6:40 in the video)

When you click it, it should automatically connect to the dataset (if it’s the only one you have) you can connect it to the submit function

And once that’s done, you tell it what to do in the same panel (not in the page link panel)

thank you for your feedback! I have created the data set and attempted to connect to data as well. it still will not bring me to the bio I created once I click create profile on the published site.

just checking, you should be sending to a page called members (full name) which will have the URL www.yourwebsite.com/members/fullname (it wont show you this when it works correctly, it will convert to a secure bunch of random letters so it cant be copied easily, but just for an example…)

the /members/fullname is important as it is how wix recognises each individuals profile URL as opposed to /members which is generic and not unique to each user

when you create the page name of the profile (14:20 in the video) you should be given an option to create a slug “/fullname” as a selection - its important you choose this selection rather than typing it in manually like shown in the video

if that was done correctly, you should have a Page called members (full name) as an option to navigate to once complete (as shown at 18:00 in the video)

hopefully that solves it for you!

Thank you for your continued help in this process. I have reviewed this video step by step at least 20 times… lol. I have clicked on the (full name) option for the URL

And have selected to connect to the Members (Full Name) dynamic page.

Still am at A dead end when I publish the page and click on Create Profile button…

How frustrating!!

The only other thing I can think of are your permissions

When you created the database you can select who can view and edit it (site member author is the option you want)

but also if you have played around with the page settings and changed it from “all members” to “only specific members”.

Sorry I havn’t been able to come up with a solution!

No worries at all! Thank you very much for your feedback and ideas! I will keep trying. One of these years when we figure out the problem, I will let you know. Lol!

I created an additional dynamic page and names it New Members Page, and did the exact same thing I had been doing for the last week. Connected it to dataset and it worked the first time… LMAO!!! IDK… But moving on now! Thanks again for all of your feedback Preston!

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