When will Wix platform provide filter mechanism option on database collections where a user doesn't have to enter wix code manually.

  1. I want to add filters on a table created from database collection.

I wanted to add more than one drop down button like mentioned in the screenshot button1,buton2 and button3 and when a user selects values from these buttons and click on search button then it filter the data from table which is just below it (table is from database collection)
This seems very very simple by looking at other functionalities wix is providing for blog , store etc… but when i searched posts then I got to know that it requires coding skills as well.

Could you please let me know when will wix provide such automated functionalities in wix editor so that we do not have to code.

This is the third time that you’ve asked about this. Please read the article Filtering Database Content Displayed on Your Page for information on how to filter your database - without code.

I really apologies , may be i am irritating you with these questions but what i have asked is different if you read the title of this post carefully and for the same you were saying yesterday that it requires coding.

Regarding above link you have mentioned , If this is what i wanted yesterday then why coding is required, why coding queen & so many are creating videos using coding for this same question?

The videos were created a long time ago. Before it was possible to do it without code.
Even now there’s some filtering that requires code (for example filtering using OR or using REGEX), but you can do basic filtering without it.
Have a look at the link.

Actually it’s not the right link. Have a look here ( https://support.wix.com/en/article/filtering-content-based-on-user-selection ) but it’s for dropbox only.)
Anyway, that’s what you have right now, and you can add a feature request to the other forum)

Thanks J.D. , Yisrael.
I have added the filters and its working but not as expected.I have added two dropdown buttons.

  1. First dropdown buttons filters data from correctly but doesn’t have the option to include ‘All’ in case when a user want to see all the data again without filter.
  2. Regarding Step -5 in https://support.wix.com/en/article/filtering-content-based-on-user-selection
    When I added second dropdown button then it got disabled after publishing and also doesn’t show in the dropdown list when second filter in the same dataset.