Where is the problem in this code?

I’m not sure where is the problem. When I change price values, repater shows all categories except selected categories. :frowning:

function button14_click(event) {


function search() {

let minimum = Number($w( ‘#Minimum’ ).value);
let maximum = Number($w( ‘#Maksimum’ ).value);
wixData.query( “TumIlanlar” )
.between( “fiyat” , minimum, maximum)
.eq( “kategori” , String($w( “#KonutTipi” ).value))
.and(wixData.query( “TumIlanlar” ).contains( “odaSalon” , String($w( “#OdaSalon” ).value)))
.and(wixData.query( “TumIlanlar” ).contains( “konum” , String($w( “#Konum” ).value)))
.and(wixData.query( “TumIlanlar” ).contains( “ilanDurumu” , String($w( “#IlanDurumu” ).value)))
.then(results => {
$w( “#repeater1” ).data = results.items;


Can you explain in words what you’re trying to do?

I’m trying to do mutliple dropdown filter with two input box. Dropdowns works but when I enter the limit values filter doesn’t work. Min and Max inputs independent the other selections…

Yes, but do you want to get data that match both inputs or maybe 1 OR 2?
Why do use all these .and() methods. why not just:

        .between("fiyat", minimum, maximum)
        .eq("kategori", $w("#KonutTipi").value)
        .eq("odaSalon", $w("#OdaSalon").value)
        .eq("konum", $w("#Konum").value)
        .eq("ilanDurumu", $w("#IlanDurumu").value)

And why do you use String() ?

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@jonatandor35 I don’t know :slight_smile: I just used templates. I’ve tried to filter between two user price value. For example list house min 1000 Max 100000 dollars. Sorry for my bad English and thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

And my reset button can’t clear inputbox when I click. @jonatandor35