White bar on the right side

Hello Everyone on X!

I have an issue that i’m been troubling with these past few days. It is a white bar on the right side of my site on the mobile version, and i have looked if it is a element or text box that is overflowing but so is not the problem, i have uploaded a file that you can see and my url is also linked below. I would be very thankful to get a response with this issue because i been struggling with it these past few days and not got a solution.


Can you select the SECTION (Not the page) and share the inspector panel showing its settings.

Do you mean this?

Close… I would love to see the section’s POSITION details, just a little further down.

Here you have it sir.

I have looked in every sections position and every one is 0 px

Section seems in order in the inspector. What are the Grid dimensions for the section there?

What do you mean with grid dimensions sir?

When you select your SECTIONS layer at right, in the layout you should see a box that looks like this appear.

IF you see that the column is 1FR and the content within it is still past its boundaries, then we need to check the next element below it. Do you have a container or an element, like a button, on the layout that is wider than the 1fr, that we can look at?

This was the sections that was available to see , the other ones don´t have a problem sir.

I am convinced that one of your elements in that section is wider than the view port. Select each one (containers, groups, photos and even text blocks, and make sure that they are using a % and not PX widths. I hope your find your issue there.

which section do you mean?

And how do i make it to % instead of px?

I have already looked at that, nothing is wider than the screen and nothing is going to the side, i have already resized everything so its in the screen, nothing is overflowing,

Hmmm. Without going in, it is hard to navigate. Share quick access with me at teejay@iamteejay.com I can assist. I am certain that some is pushing out the layout to the left there.

Thank you very very much!! Ive sent you a invite so you can edit, i really appreciate it man!

Which page should I be looking at please?

The Home page please

So you know it is the mobile version that is struggling

WOW. You have a lot of sections and iframe. Your problems lie with the bottom half your pages and the elements that are in the iframe that require their outer left edge to pull the page to the right. See here:

For starters, you have elements that are visually put together without being group or stacked. Plus they are randomly floating here and there, not equally spaced.

So I dropped a GRID on to that section and you can see the elements when centered, pulls the layout to the right.

Upon closer inspection you can see there is more to the animation than meets the eye.

I am almost done fixing that for you.