Why are my user input elements automatically disabling?

When connecting to user input fields to their applicable database, they automatically disable.

I’ve tried the following:

- Using the . enable() function when the page loads 
-Deleting the database and rebuilding 
- Changing the permissions to allow anyone to submit data to the database 

In the image below, other than the Company name, each data field is connected to the database. When connecting the user inputs to the data base, the fields border is removed and my curser is unable to enter the element to update it. Notice how the company name field has a thin border; that is because I disconnected it from the database and it RE-ENABLED.

Please Help. The switches are behaving as such, too.

Hi, have you check the permission on your dataset element?

I know you the set the permission on the database, but u also need to check the dataset element and it should be “read&write”

Yes. My data set element is set to “read & write”

Sorry to hear that, would you place your code or site url here?

I am not using code. I am using simple drag and drop methodology.

Try to change the dataset-options from read&write to just read, or just write. Did something changed?

Then also take a look onto your database-permissions, perhaps this helps.

It helped, slightly; the input elements are enabled, however, I can not connect to the database. Additionally, the database connection icon doesn’t appear when I focus (click) any of the input elements.

I’ll keep working on it.

Problem resolved.

For some reason, my content manager was uninstalled.