Why are some repeaters duplicating on live site?

I am having a strange issue where some repeaters are duplicating themselves on the live site. Everything is correct on preview mode though.
Live Site:


I am using a filter to show properties which have a “rented” value of “No” and a ‘bedrooms’ value equal to the dropdown value. Is filtered when GO button is clicked.
$w( ‘#button2’ ).onClick(() =>{
let br = ($w( “#dropdown1” ).value);
br = parseInt(br);
if (br > 0 && br < 9 ) {
$w( “#datasetProperties” ).setFilter(wixData.filter()
.eq( “bedrooms” , br).eq( ‘rented’ , ‘No’ ))
else if (br === 9 ){
$w( “#datasetProperties” ).setFilter(wixData.filter()
.ge( “bedrooms” , 9 ).eq( ‘rented’ , ‘No’ ))
$w( ‘#repeater1’ ).show()

The filter works correctly but duplicates appear on live site. The collection is synced to live and permissions are correct.