Why I can't find the existing "data" on my collection?

Good day everyone,. I dont understand why i got this error, “1234” can be found on my database collection but my query can’t find it. But when i try “123” it can find it on the database. I am going to trap duplicate data.
“lrn” is the fieldname (TEXT) compared to my inputValue LRN.
so i use:
.eq(“lrn”, $w(" # LRN ").value)
to find the duplicate LRN value.

export function validateLRN_click(event) {

        .then((items) => {

            let vLRN = items[0].lrn;
        .catch( (err) => {

 async function validateLRN() {
 let result = await wixData.query("officialEnrolled")
            .eq("lrn", $w("#LRN").value)
 let allItems = result.items;

 while (result.hasNext()) {
            result = await result.next();
            allItems = allItems.concat(result.items);
 return allItems;

I found out that it has something to do with “OWNER”?
I update data using 2 different users. I tried inputing:
user1 = “123”
user2 = “123”
//No errors even they have entered the same data.
user1 = “123” // error
user2 = “1234” // no error
User1 = “1234” //no error
user2 = “1234” // error

I need help on this. Thank you so much

I got it lol. It has something to do with the Database collection permission =x