Why is my header doing this?

does anyone know why my header section keeps overlapping on the right side please? none of the other sections do this and it badly affects the breakpoints on mobile and tablet because the container overflows at the end of the screen. It’s just the header that does this and it does it if I delete the header and add a whole new one.


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This happens every now in then in the editor, but only there. Once I toggle between breakpoints it goes away. So it is an editor display glitch and only on desktop view.

It is not transferring to the live site.

Does it transfer to the live site?

it doesn’t in mobile because the header is different but I don’t have a tablet so I can’t test it! But it does do it on all my breakpoint views…

If you have a container in your header. Have you set your header to 100vw? Try setting it to 100% or stretch. Make sure you don’t have any margins or padding on the section. Sometimes I have to dock items to remove the additional margins.

Also make sure that there is no minus ( - ) sign anywhere in the docking pixels/percentages.