Why there is no After update Hook on products Table?

i need to run code and update data on other table when product is updated on the Wix Store
but there is no hook for after update

i can understand why is no before product update
but cant understand why not after

i hope you can add it fast


See the onProductUpdated( ) hook.

But i saw in the example that there is no inStock on full object updated fields

there is no inStock and visible data on the event
+the event not working on every change

  • there is no visible on the store/Products table (i’m sure it was there before) where i can find if product is visible?

@naimibaby If you want to get a product’s availability, then use the function getProductOptionsAvailability( ) .


As you can see in the API the method onProductUpdated( )
return an object that includes the product id, with that you can search any data you wish to know about the product by doing simply query() on the products table.


In addition to Sapir’s answer, she also told me about the example: Back in Stock Notification for Site Contacts which will help you.

Its only for the products options as I understood.
But if i dont using choices/product options?

It’s an example that demonstrates one particular technique. You can use the API calls and returned data to many other things - most probably you can work out what you’re trying to do.

You may want to check out the Wix Marketplace - it’s a place where you can look for Corvid experts for hire.

I’ll building a very big project
With automatic inventory
But i wanted to change the inStock and Visibility both ways and not only via the admin page.

If you want to see my unique project
You can contact me
You will be happy to see it


I’m not sure I understand the problem, you can change and checked each product’s inStock status and Visibility by doing Query() on the products database, with the product Id.
If you handle a permission issue in doing data methods to this database you can always add suppressAuth as an option and do the method in the backend file


maybe in Hebrew i can explain better but lets try again
i need to check the if the product its visible or not

i need that if there is change on the Stores/products for inStock or Visible it will update other table of products inventory with those parameters

there is a way to change the visibility with corvid that i’m using when i creating products
but i cold not find away to check the visibility with query

in the past was column with the name visible on Stores/Products if i remember correctly

its part of big back office project that i work on it for a year now

how to query the products that are not visible in the online store?