Why Wix deleted my XML string in my vector art (SVG) code?

Hi all
I have spent a long time coding different SVGs with click events and tags by using XML string, but Wix recently deleted part of those XML string in my code. Wix only let me keep the presentation of my SVG.

On the Wix Velo page, it is stated as follow:

This means that Wix allow Vector XML string with no stated limitation. Can anyone please help me answer, why Wix would delete my XML string?

If not, could you please guide me on where I can get an answer?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve never tried it, but I know from my experience that pictures and animation inside an SVG are not supported by the API, so maybe this one is not supported as well.
But you can create it in a custom element (assuming you have your site connected your own domain).

Hi J.D.

Once again, you have helped me. Thanks a lot. I will try custom element.