Wix Blog & 301 Redirects

Hey guys.
After a lengthy call with customer service they told me to post here.

Basically my website is 2 years old, I wanted to start using the Wix Blog app and integrate some of my existing pages to it - but there is no way to actually do this (without copy/paste & therefor ruin the existing pages aesthetics).

So I had the idea to create 301 re-directs, the intention is when people are on my articles page (blog), if they click one of the posts for a static page then it would re-direct them from the blog page to the static page. Problem solved I thought.

But, the 301 re-direct will not initiate because the navigation is occurring through the dynamic blog page. But if you refresh the page after it loads, then it will correctly re-direct and load the intended static page.

Example, my blog page: https://www.hikemasterjapan.com/articles
Click on ‘Bears in Japan’
Navigates to an empty blog page, ignoring the re-direct.
Click refresh
301 initiates and re-directs to the correct page.

So, I’ve been told the only solution is to include code on my website that automatically refreshes the page when one of the blog posts are clicked.

Can you guys help me to write this code? Or any other insights into the easiest ways to solve this issue would be much appreciated.


Zero comments? The wix customer service guy seemed very confident I would get feedback from this ‘very active’ velo community, i’m surprised wix staff aren’t contributing here. An update on my side, it seems the normal way of adding code doesn’t work because the issue is all navigation is occuring in the wix blog app, so even though i’ve added code to refresh the page immediately, it doesn’t work because the page the url is technically not being navigated to in the browsers - it’s being navigated to in the wix blog app… There should be a solution, but it’s very frustrating to get no support of rthis and to be given wrong information for the Wix “advanced team”…