Wix Bookings questions/workarounds

Hi I am working on a website that need to take bookings for the appointments.
Currently I have services that are available In-person and Online. I have one staff member
What I am trying to achieve is :

  • Show different hours to book appointments for In-person(two days per week) and Online(any weekday)
  • I want to know if the client booked for Online appointment or In-person appointment in the email (currently it doesn’t tell me if they have booked In-person or Online in the email sent by wix bookings)

Please help me with these things, may be point me to a source where I can find code and get this done. or may be suggest some workarounds.

PS : I don’t want to create another staff member to display different hours for Online appointments ( I don’t want to confuse the clients by showing ‘All Staff’ to them when there is only one staff person)

The website link I am working with : https://dustlesspuma.wixsite.com/poornaholistic/book-online

@massasalah18 @givemeawhisky tagging for help. TIA