Wix Code Hhelp

Hi gurus

I’ve recently started to explore Wix codes because I was amazed by the possibilities described. I’m using one of the examples provided, but couldn’t get it to work. I am pretty sure it’s missing something small. Can some help to have a look ? I’ve almost pulled all my hair out.

This is at the “Page” Code section. Nothing at the “Site” section.

function showYourProfile() {

function showLifestyle() {

export function button1_onClick(event) {

export function button2_onClick(event) {

export function button5_onClick(event) {

$w(‘#button5’).label = “love”

Thank you in advance.

I’ve got a #slideshow1 (with a couple of slides) and #button1 all the way through to #button5. Nothing happens when I click on the buttons. What am I missing here ?

Found my answer, i needed to update the Properties panel. Noob me.

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