WIX code SDK error: App with appDefinitionId

error message in code panel: WIX code SDK error: App with appDefinitionID App does not exist on this site.

I’m getting this error in the Preview of the the Currency Converter tutorial example provided here:

I’m very new here and would hunt further for a solution if it were my own error, but this is from a copy-paste of the example code. I can’t find error code references. The error occurs at the second line here (or line 11 in the example code), " const listOfAllCurrencies = await currencies.getAllCurrencies(); ". I wondered whether the await was just held up by a temporary server load, but the condition persists.

async function initDropdowns() {
const listOfAllCurrencies = await currencies.getAllCurrencies();
const optionsArray = formAsDropdownOptions(listOfAllCurrencies);
optionsArray.sort((option1, option2) => compareOptionsAlphabetically(option1.label, option2.label));
$w( ‘#dropdownFrom’ ).options = optionsArray;
$w( ‘#dropdownTo’ ).options = optionsArray;

This is a learning exercise for me, so I’m happy just to be pointed in the right direction.


Hi John,
Thanks for reporting this issue. I can see that the error appears in the template. I’ll let the team know and we’ll report back as soon as we have an answer. Thanks!

Thanks Marlowe!

@john53235 Apologies for the delay! The example is working correctly, so please ignore that pesky error message. We’re still investigating the reason the error is appearing, and hopefully it will go away soon.