Wix code SDK error: The value parameter of item at index 1

Hi lovely people,

after connecting a database to the page, I keep getting this message:

“Wix code SDK error: The value parameter of item at index 1 that is passed to the options method cannot be set to the value . It must be of type string”

I’ve done a bit of a research,but I still don’t know what it means. If somebody can elaborate a bit, I’ll be grateful.

In terms of form/database/site performance everything seems to be working fine. That’s why I’m confused a bit…

Thanks in advance.


I’m guessing this is related to you trying to put options to a drop down or a radio button group.
Is that right?
If so, how do you do that? Connection or code?
This is usually a code error that comes to say that you are assigning an array of options that are nor built correctly.
See here how options are suppose to be built.


Hey Liran,

thank you for the quick reply, sadly I cannot say the same because I’ve been trying to sort that dropdown menu.

In the meantime, it collapsed somehow so it’s not working now. I don’t use the code, because I don’t know how to code. Building a custom form and a database seemed like an easy option, I followed the instructions and it worked for a while but broke down for no reason. Now I can’t even go to wix developer bar ( It doesn’t show when I click on it). And I have this message:

Wix code SDK Warning: The selectOption parameter at index 7 that is passed to the options function cannot be set to <%=wrongValue=>. Options must contain at least a non-null value or non-null label.

Could stating the value of the parameter in the database (i.e text, rich text) influence this problem? Does that make a difference for the dropdown menue when you connect it to the database created - meaning it cannot be text but something else?



can you share a link to your site?

Hi Liran,

thanks for the reply. I have managed to delete the whole thing and do it again from scratch. It works, for now =D

All the best in the New Year